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Each of our in-house capabilities reflect a strong, balanced relationship between technical and creative.
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Extensive, integrated and all under one roof.
These are our resources for turning Experiences into Discoveries.
Events and Experiential
Trade Shows and Environments
Creative and Video Production
Fabrication and Printing
Technology and Equipment Rental
Logistics and Management

Business Meetings & Conferences

General sessions and breakout meetings form the traditional core of these corporate events. Addressing employees, customers, users or other specialized segment, top leadership are able to deliver planning, promotional and other important messaging within a live setting.

Expo Experiences

A dedicated space provides more in-depth, immersive interaction with individual brands or products, supported by custom graphics, messaging and sometimes structures for each. Often used to support Business Meetings & Conferences.

Branded Experiences

Traditionally used to promote a single brand within a consumer context, focusing on experiential interaction outside the confines of an Expo. Events can range from smaller pop-ups, one-offs and mobile tours, to large-scale activations that serve as the main attraction.

Event & Production Management

The collective expertise that connects all elements of an event from planning to execution, helping ensure complete success. Stretching across as many or as few internal services as necessary, a perfect balance of technical and creative aspects provides clarity and stability.

Custom & Rental Exhibits

Whether fabricated from scratch, or created using a modular system, unique structures are created to provide support for a range of different events. Guided by Environmental Design and often used for Permanent Environments & Displays.

Show Services

Part of Complete Event & Production Management, supporting all shipping, assembling and activation of hard assets. Especially attuned to the specific nuances of individual shows and their custom needs and regulations.

Environmental Design

The digital blueprint that supports the fabrication or assembly of a rental or custom structure. Often rendered in 3D, and sometimes enhanced with animation, allowing for “build it before we build it” efficiency that maximizes both time and financial investment.

Permanent Environments & Displays

Installations designed for both aesthetics and structural integrity, ideally integrating with both an overall architectural concept and core branding of a product or company. Scalable capabilities provide as little or as much immersion as desired.

Creative Strategy & Writing

Both internal messaging for topline initiatives, and the copy that expresses it to attendees, employees, customers or consumers. Connecting both ends of the spectrum helps ensure better integration, consistency and overall quality.

Graphic & Presentation Design

Image creation for a variety of different content. Whether applied to printed surfaces or digital resources, supporting an event, service or packaged product, the range of uses is diverse, fluid and extremely adaptable to any client need.

Scenic & Experience Design

The integration of strategy, hard assets and creative product needed to successfully activate an event. Supported by Complete Event & Production Management, connecting services like Creative Services and Video Production and Fabrication and Printing.

Video Production & Animation

Shooting and editing live footage, with additional location scouting and talent casting services. 2D and 3D animation can be used to enhance final video output, or sourced as their own standalone products, including digital applications such as AR and VR.

Fabrication Shop

Custom creation and painting of hard assets derived from wood and metal, and other materials that can be produced from molding and casting. Used for a variety of event support, including hard structures for trade shows and environments, as well as more permanent displays.

Print Shop

Production of a wide variety of signage needs, including the ability to cut out custom shapes and print on nontraditional surfaces. Integrates with Creative Strategy & Writing and Graphic & Presentation Design for content, or can use content supplied by a client or another third party.

Production Design

Complete planning, coordination and integration of all digital and analog applications, including a wide array of comprehensive, wholly-owned gear. Services encompass full AV support, projection mapping and theatrical effects such as automated set pieces and pyrotechnics.

AV & Staging

Certified expertise concerning the hanging and securing of all event components, especially for stage presentations and large-scale expos. Includes creating necessary layouts for coordinating hard scenic elements, support equipment and technology.

Meeting Planning

Activation and integration of all elements of a traditional meeting experience. Specializing in hospitality and décor design, services include management of third-party vendors for talent as well as food and beverage.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Safe and secure storage of client assets, until they’re ready to be prepped and transported to an event site. Includes coordination of a trusted partner network, providing quick and efficient delivery–nationwide and worldwide–from a central Midwest location.