About Us

We create Experiences that feel like Discoveries.
Technical and Creative. Logic and Emotion.
we are a collection of powerful contrasts, working together in harmony

Many feel you have to choose. Either you identify as a production entity or an advertising/marketing/experiential agency. Just the words “production” and “agency” can be polarizing. But when you have both capabilities under one roof, and both are naturally, respectfully collaborative, we see a team up where others see tension.

Agency or Production Company? Yes.

A constant, ongoing conversation between two different aspects is the heart of ITC. Creative helps guide Production, adding purpose and passion. Production helps keep Creative grounded, adding stability and consistency. Production is more than just a “hand off” department and Creative concepts are valued just as highly as fabricated output. At best, the two work together to create something brand new, guiding an idea from concept to creation, bringing it to life in the real world as a solid, physical artifact. It’s a process we like to call “tactile creative.”


Our full range of services includes everything from strategic planning and creative development to scenic design, staging, fabrication, general sessions and trade show management, providing everything you need to meet your objectives.


All of our services live in-house in the same building, supporting maximum communication and collaboration between departments, enabling a more efficient workflow that ensures the integrity of your vision.

cost effective

The complete and connected nature of our company means fewer handoffs with shorter project timelines, saving you time and money.


ITC founder and CEO Tom Kuntz starts a staging and equipment rental company out of his garage. Simple, streamlined operations allow for greater emphasis on customer service, providing technical support for outside producers.

ITC 2.0

As ITC continues to grow, so do client requests. Customers begin asking for more comprehensive services. With the addition of some key hires, ITC becomes a full-service production company, bringing producers in house to help manage all aspects of event activation.

way of the future

Twenty years after ITC was founded, clients still want more, requesting more strategy, creative concepts and traditional agency services to pair with their dynamic production. New employees are hired, a creative department is formed and the transformation is complete—a unique Production Agency model is created.

our location

523 Hanley Industrial Ct, St. Louis, MO 63144