THE challenge

Instructure hosts an annual education and technology user conference for their Canvas learning management system. Named InstructureCon, the event invites attendees from around the country to Keystone, Colorado to interact with the product and staff for a deeper understanding of both. In 2018, for the third year in a row, ITC was asked to help bring the conference to life.

THE solution

Serving as the lead production partner, ITC activated the chosen carnival theme to transform the keystone resort into a fully immersive environment. Dubbed InstructureCarn, the experience provided a genuine sense of carny-inspired fun and adventure, as attendees were strongly motivated to demo Canvas software and engage with the brand as well as it’s partners. From staging scenic to neighboring product lounges, meeting rooms and reception spaces, a rich and in-depth world made learning and exploration fun and exciting.


Canvas was elated with the engagement success of InstructureCarn 2018, recording the largest attendance in the conference’s history at 2800 attendees. Social sentiment was also exceedingly positive, garnering more social engagement than past years.

The Highlights
• 2800 Attendees
• 5 General Sessions
• 14 Breakout Rooms
• 133 Breakout Sessions
• 1 Human Cannonball

The Special Focus
• Expo event featuring 54 Education and Tech Partners and 4 Instructure brands