Express Employment Professionals

Job Genius Videos
THE challenge

As one of the nation’s top staffing companies, Express Employment Professionals wanted an educational resource to help job seekers preparing to enter the market. Aimed at young adults, a web series of videos was proposed, with ITC asked to help bring it to life.

THE solution

Branded with the name “Job Genius,” what was originally envisioned as simply infographics and animation, was taken to a much more engaging level. ITC wrote and produced a live-action series, blending graphic visuals with more personable human interaction. Directing actors and animation within a relatable and organic setting, over 12 Job Genius videos were shot, edited and art directed, before being made available on both the Express Employment Professionals homepage and YouTube Channel.


The video series helped Express as a company—as well as franchises individually—quickly identify qualified applicants, while providing candidates essential information to secure employment. With over 50 thousand views across platforms, Express was thrilled with the engagement, approaching ITC to produce more Job Genius Videos in the future.